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Here is the main screen of Method Master 3. Notice the five methods showing at once, each easily accessible via the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a list of some of the new features in Method Master 3:
  • New facility to show up to five methods on screen
  • New Personal Library to store your own selection of methods
  • New facility to show Bobs and Singles
  • New facility to allow the list of Bobs and Singles to be updated
  • New facility to indicate Handstroke rows
  • New facility to display Method Diagrams as a 'shaded box'
  • New facility to search for similar methods and generate new ones
  • New facility to find inter-method falseness

  • Greatly expanded help
  • On-line Tutorial
  • Improved search facilities when opening an existing method
  • Improved Statistics Sheet
  • Improved Composition Sheet
  • Improved sizing of Method Diagrams
  • Improved control of line width when printing